Poster instructions

General poster guidelines are the same as for the main conference.


We will have a short spotlight session for the posters who do not have orals. You will have 1 minute (this will be timed) and 1 slide to advertise your poster.

Please note that the spotlight is not meant to cover your entire paper, but only to highlight the major findings or ideas. The more detailed information should be conveyed orally during the poster session.


  • Please prepare 1 slide in PDF or Powerpoint format in landscape orientation.
  • Put your poster ID (The MICCAI ID, not the internal ID 1-15) in the top left corner of your slide
  • Do not attempt to squeeze a regular presentation into the 1 slide / 1 minute that are available.
  • Use the spotlight to communicate ideas, not details
  • Send your PDF to Veronika [v.cheplygina at tue dot nl] by Wednesday September 13th.

The spotlights will be done in the same order as the poster IDs.


You can put up your poster from Tuesday 12th at 14:30, and leave it up until Thursday 14th at 17:00.