2020 Event (Lima, Peru Virtual)

9:00  –  9:10*:   Welcome and Introduction
9:10  –  9:45:     Spotlight Session
9:45  –  10:30:   Keynote I — Anand Malpani
10:45 – 11:45:   Oral Session
12:00 – 12:45:   Keynote II — Amber Simpson
12:45 – 13:00:   Awards and Closing
*All times UTC

Spotlight Session

  • Semi-Weakly Supervised Learning for Prostate Cancer Image Classification with Teacher-Student Deep Convolutional Networks [html, pdf]
  • EasierPath: An Open-source Tool for Human-in-the-loop Deep Learning of Renal Pathology [html, pdf]
  • Labeling of Multilingual Breast MRI Reports [html, pdf]
  • Semi-Supervised Learning for Instrument Detection with a Class Imbalanced Dataset [html]
  • Encoding in Style: Class-Specific Generation and Translation [pdf]
  • Training data preparation with computer vision algorithms for a Mask R-CNN [pdf]
  • Curating Subject ID Labels using Keypoint Signatures [pdf]
  • Imbalance-Effective Active Learning in Nucleus, Lymphocyte and Plasma Cell Detection [html]

Oral Session

  • Risk of training diagnostic algorithms on data with demographic bias [html, pdf]
  • Are pathologist-defined labels reproducible? Comparison of the TUPAC16 mitotic figure dataset with an alternative set of labels [html, pdf]
  • Predicting Scores of Medical Imaging Segmentation Methods with Meta-Learning [html, pdf]
  • Labelling imaging datasets on the basis of neuroradiology reports: a validation study [html, pdf]
  • Paying Per-label Attention for Multi-label Extraction from Radiology Reports [html, pdf]

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